Original and Highly-Clever Essay Writing Topics to Captivate Readers

Essay writing is an important skill to master at any level. Yet, it rarely comes naturally to people and students often find themselves struggling to even learn the most common type of writing there is: the argumentative essay. This article does not focus on developing writing abilities but rather on the importance of choosing great essay topics. The keys are that they have to be original and they have to be interesting both to you and the reader. Usually, the more you passionate you are about a topic the more that your enthusiasm will come through, thus keeping the reader interested in what you have to say. The following is a great list of original and highly-clever argumentative essay topics for you to consider:

  • Choose a personal experience and explain how it has shaped the person you’ve become as a young adult. Would this experience affect others in a similar way or was it truly unique?
  • Consider writing an English essay on two of your favorite writers from the 21st century. How do they compare to other writers in the previous 20th century? And what style do you like best?
  • Have you ever had to exhibit any form of leadership personally or professionally that no one at your school knows about? How would you go about writing about yourself without pride?
  • What are the personal achievements that you are most proud about? How do they affect your professional or academic goals? Did you handle them differently compared to others?
  • Wait traits have you developed in your time at school that gives you an edge towards a professional career after education? Do you feel these traits should be mandatory?
  • Think of a current social issue and provide your ideas for a solution to this problem. Do you think that politicians and citizens can get behind your idea with the right kind of planning?
  • Have you ever had to overcome a difficult challenge that you believe others without your resolve for success would have failed at? Why do you feel only you could overcome this?
  • What have been the most influential films, books, and songs in your life? Why have they had so much impact to you and would others feel the same way if they experienced them as well?
  • What qualities do you possess that have been most demonstrated in your personal life? Thinking about the qualities universities are after, how many of these you possess?
  • What sort of activities have participated outside of school that you feel will transition perfectly to the professional world? Can you teach these activities to others or are they yours alone?

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