A Step By Step Guide To Write The Best Essay On My Best Friend

It is easy to talk about your friend but what if your professor tells you to write a best friend essay? This is something many students have to do especially at the lower levels and most of them struggle. It is easy to recount all your experiences orally but composing the same in the form of an essay becomes a big problem. To write an impressive paper on your friend, you need to plan for it and do some research and all this takes time. What’s more, you have to conform to a formal writing style as required by your professor and this makes things more difficult.
Well, there’s some good news. You can now use the following tips for your best friend essay writing to get the best grade. Keep reading.

Do Some Research on Friendship
If you want to write an A+ essay, take time to learn more about friendship and what other people have said about friendship. It is important to get a new perspective on friendship and find material that you can use for your paper. Go online and search “my friend essay sample” and you will find numerous essays which can guide you in your writing. When doing your research, write down any important points for future use.

Identify the Type of Essay You Want to Write
As you continue with your brainstorming, try to narrow down on the approach you will use for your essay. This entails defining the type of essay you will write and you can choose from the following:

  1. Argumentative essay: You can formulate a thesis which you can them support using your best friend as the example.
  2. Narrative short essay on my best friend: You can recount critical experiences in your friendship and show how it has impacted your life.
  3. Descriptive essay: An essay designed for describing details of your friendship.
  4. Critical essay: Here you will look at the strengths and weaknesses of your friendship. If you have no idea how to go about this, go online and type “my best friend essay in English” and you will find critical essay examples on friendship. You can borrow ideas from these samples for your paper.

Find a Comprehensive Definition of Friendship
During your research, write down various definitions of friendship given by writers and find the one that best suits you. It is important to define friendship in the introduction to give the reader your understanding of the topic.

Use a Powerful Introduction
The introduction you use must include a powerful hook to capture the attention of the reader. If you search “speech on my best friend” on a search engine, you will find different ideas on how to hook your readers by using techniques such as literary quotes, statistics, anecdotes from your life, contradictory statement and rhetorical question among others.

Arrange Your Ideas Logically
A good essay should have cohesive ideas arranged logically from one paragraph to the next. Every paragraph should feature a new idea and they must easily dovetail into each other.

If your teacher gives you an assignment with the prompt “describe my best friend essay,” there’s no need to panic. Use these tips to write a winning essay on your best friend.

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