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Legal Weapon by Kim O'Brien


Legal Weapon

Kate Withers has enough on her plate as the divorced single mother of a nine-year-old daughter, a riding academy to run, and an ongoing feud with an unreasonable neighbor. Not to mention the fact that she has never told her ex-husband about their daughter. So when Harry Bond, her ex-husband's brother and lawyer, shows up on her doorstep, she knows things have just gone from bad to worse.

Harry has problems of his own, as it has just been discovered that the divorce he set up for his brother and Kate was never in effect, threatening a family scandal and professional embarrassment. All he needs is for Kate to sign the new papers, and this can all go away. Then he meets her hitherto undisclosed daughter. This new development seems to guarantee a family scandal and severely complicates the divorce problem. On top of all this, Harry finds himself entangled in a legal problem with Kate's academy, and surprisingly attracted to the root of all his current problems, Kate herself.

Thrown together by unpleasant circumstances, an unexpected bond grows between them. Should Kate and Harry give in to this unforeseen entanglement of the heart?