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The Christmas Key by Kim O'Brien


The Christmas Key

After a recent divorce, Joanie Williams struggles to get her life back in order, but working in a nursery full-time while raising her two daughters, Natalie and Amelia, isn't as easy as it seemed. One daughter is flunking three subjects, and the other is riddled with tattoos.

Already late for her Suddenly Single support group two nights before Christmas, Joanie rushes to the church only to run into her ex-husband, Mitchell, who claims to be there to meet Pastor Frank. But as they try to leave, the door is stuck, and the lock won't budge. With escape on the mind, from the building and each other, Joanie and Mitchell scavenge for a way out, but what they find is a key to emotions that have been locked away and ignored too long.

Back at home, Natalie is reprimanding Amelia for allowing her boyfriend to come over when no one else is home when suddenly the doorbell rings...and Pastor Frank is on the other side. Forced to entertain Pastor Frank while Amelia and her boyfriend hide, Natalie discovers that she can't hold her family together herself, and Amelia realizes that she can't afford to let her.